February 24, 2012

Take A Peak

 1960s - Living with Art 
 This is the living room at "Four Winds" in Palm Beach, Florida, showing the collection of J. Patrick Lannan.  A huge painting by Nicholas Krushenick almost dwarfs the python covered sofa and Italian chairs below it.  Its vidid colors (?) are reflected in the brass around the mosaic top of a coffee table.

 1960s - Art Indoors and Out 
In one of the rooms devoted to the collection of the Lammam Foundation, even the furniture is art.  Two chairs and table by the Mexican sculptor, Pedro Friedeberg

  1960s - The New Look of Swimming Pools 
A delightful surprise is in store for first-time vistors to the DOnald Sheff's pool at Great Neck, New York - a table top island emerging a few inches above the water level.  Like the pool and surrounding terrace, the island is built of concrete, but faced with mica stone that blends naturally with the encircling greenery and flowers.
1930s - The Coming and Going of Tides of Taste
In this exciting circular setting-combination studio-library-Katherine Brush writes her alluring tales.  California redwood burl with German silver moldings and green leather wainscot welted in black.  Chairs are black satin corded in green, the desk redwood burl with green leather top.  Carpet is green and black.  The architect was Joseph Urban; Irvin L. Scott, associate

1950s - Build the Outdoors Right into Your Kitchen or Bath
Kitchen designed by architect Thorton M. Abell, with Interior by Jane F. Ullman, showing barbecue grill, with revolving baffle, tiled counter, with translucent sliding panel that functions as a pass-through into the dining area.  Glass wall and skylight provide light and view of nature.

I'm giving you a peak into a book published in 1980 that I picked up at the Long Beach Antique Market last weekend.  
These are my favorite pages and the captions that went with the photo.

Attention.  Dinner will now be served in the pool.


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