February 07, 2012

@ Home with Marina

I read this story on harpersbazaar.com about performance artist Marina Abramović (she's dope) and her newly purchased house she shares with her close friend Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci.  Wanted to share a few tid bits:

She occupies the lower three floors, which open onto a Japanese rock garden and a lap pool, while he has the top two floors.

Abramović's aesthetic definitely tends toward the minimal, especially in her house, which is sparely decorated and stripped of ornamentation. "I never hang anything on the walls. There is never any art because I'm making art. I don't want to see it because then I'll never have a new idea. I try to start from the whiteness and manifest something after that." And with every new house, she sells the contents of the last one.

"I hate kitchens".

But please read the whole article here.  She is truly fascinating.

~images Jason Schmidt


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