July 13, 2011


Earlier this year we stayed at Caitlin's Agave House in Ojai. While there, I had a chance to use Persephenie's Nanu Lei Fizzy Mineral Bath Powder and was intrigued not only by the gorgeous scent, but also by its Old World black & white packaging. Her Body Care products use wild-crafted, organic and certified organic essential oils and absolutes, distilled directly from flowers and plants such as neroli blossom, jasmine, camellia, linden blossom and more.

I got a chance to meet with Persephenie at her studio here in Los Angeles where she handcrafts her scents and found out about the other things that keep her busy including her fabulous line of jewelry.

D*BP: Tell us about what you do?

P: I'm a perfumer specializing in botanticals and custom perfume. I'm also an Aromatherapist. I formulate body care, make jewelry, and during those rare free periods, I love to paint. I think of myself as a closet painter who earns a living in the world of aromatics.

I'm also mama to a beautiful nine year old and house full of animals.

D*BP: Where is your studio and how long have you had it?

P: My studio is on Edinburgh Avenue, a side street off West Third, one block West of The Grove.
I've been in my space for seven years this summer. My original intention for the studio was to make art and teach art to children. With love and enthusiasm for botanicals and scent, it quickly evolved into an aromatics studio..

I teach botanical perfumery privately and to groups. This year I took a step back from open classes to focus on my body care, perfumes, and jewelry.

D*BP: I really LOVE your jewelry. What kind of materials do you use?

Thank you! Recycled 14 and 18 kt gold, sterling, leather, fossilized tusk, feathers, macrame', semi-precious and precious gems, rose beads that I hand roll, and anything that is beautiful to incorporate.

D*BP: What inspires you?

P: Almost everything, especially my son.

D*BP: What’s your philosophy?

P: Taking care of myself by loving the people and creatures close to my heart, working hard, surrounding myself with beauty, and having fun.

Thanks Persephenie!


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