May 26, 2011

Shepard Fairey Paints

Shepard Fairey paints at Studio No. 2 in Los Angeles.

~via Arkitip, Inc.


  1. Hi there from Australia. I found your blog on a long journey in blogland - but yipee for me. I am meant to be getting my boys in shower before bed. I am meant to be cleaning kitchen after Friday night tacos. But I just went all the way back to January in your posts (loved too many things to stop). As my blogger is playing up a bit today, I can't see your 'follow' button - so I thought I would just drop by, say hi, add you to my regular blog-love list and come back again. thanks (-:

  2. Hi Linda, it seems (because I just realized seeing in blogger dashboard) that I never responded to your comment. Please accept my apologies.
    Thanks so much for the complement and I hope that you have been coming back for more Design*ByProxy.
    I do remember your comment coming in, but because I was on my iPhone, wasn't able to respond and simply forgot to check back once on the computer.
    Anyways, you have a great blog as well and LOVE the umbrellas.