May 09, 2011

The Extraordinary Difference

Looking forward to checking out Rose Apodaca's 2nd book Fred Hayman - The Extraordinary Difference.

Fred Hayman is an American Revolutionary. By sheer will and his own pocketbook, he radically changed the way the world considered Los Angeles style, how the beauty business operated and magazines smelled, and the potential of retail and branding.

Having grown up in LA since my late teens, just looking at this cover brings back memories of his potently sweet smelling Giorgio fragrance and spicy RED I wore so often back in the late eighties. I couldn't afford to own a bottle, I just used the little samples given to me by a friend that worked at Fred Hayman Beverly Hills. I may not have been making an "extraordinary difference", but I sure smelled like I was. Thanks Fred.


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  1. How strange we are so on the same page! Thinking of Ai WeiWei and Fred Hayman at the same time... two utterly different stories... but at the same time no less... :)