April 30, 2011

Piet Knepper/Mobach

Very rare 4 piece set of signed vases from Piet Knepper/Mobach Holland circa 1980 on ebay.


Be@rbrick Batman 1000%

In celebration of DC Comics 75 years, Medicom Toy Be@rbrick Batman 1000% limited edition available @ Colette.

Check this out.


April 29, 2011

Oh Christopher

My House (?)

1990 Studio, New York
1997 Los Angeles

Fuckem 1992 Enamel on aluminum

I'd be most happy with any one of these.


April 28, 2011

Punta House

Designed by Architects: Studio mk27 -Marcio Kogan. Located in the city of Punta Del Leste, in .
Stone walls and floor using local “piedras lajas”, folding panels of checkered mashrabiya and a reservoir. nice.
~via arch daily :: photos by Renaldo Coser


April 27, 2011


Smile chair by Andreu World ; )

April 26, 2011

Haider Ackermann A/W 2011


Your Self-Portrait

“Your Self-Portrait” by Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon due to be released on Exhibition A -art retail site, tomorrow April 27th.
Her word paintings have been based on underground noise bands, song lyrics and random phrases. Check out Kim Gordon's Word Play article on WWD EyeScoop to hear the back story to the paintings.
~image via WWD


April 25, 2011

Kryddstarkt Collection

I guess it was a coincidence that I was at Ikea today and just saw this posted on Design Shimmer. The Kryddstarkt Collection, produced in India and Vietnam is only being sold in Swedish stores. too bad.


April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day


April 21, 2011


Woman Rollerskating By Wiktor Gorka 1970

9 Circles By Anonymous 1973

Wozzek By Alban Berg 1964/1979

CYRK...original contemporary/vintage art posters are more than striking images created by the artistic geniuses of the world-famous Polish School of Posters - acclaimed as the best in contemporary poster art. CYRK posters are also the artists' interpretation and commentary on society, often communicating to the viewer camouflaged political and/or social messages - hidden meanings.

~via Contemporary Posters


April 20, 2011

William Emmerson

This week, my guest on Design*ByProxy is designer William Emmerson. Not only is he known for his modern and vintage furniture store Emmerson Troop here in Los Angeles, but also as a successful interior and furniture designer. His current furniture line is available exclusively through Ralph Pucci International and he is in production on a soon-to-be limited release furniture collection using raw slabs of glass and white quartz marble.

D*BP: Tell us about what you do and how long you have been doing it?

W. E : I have a furniture store and I design furniture.
Back in 1997, Eric Troop and I were driving along Melrose, saw a store for lease, called the number and the guy gave us 3 months free rent. We started selling vintage metal furniture that we found in air forces bases and abandoned hospitals and stripped them. I got the idea from stuff I’d seen in NYC. We had a roll top metal desk and Ralph Lauren came in one day and bought it for $8,000. We were over the moon.
I’ve been designing from the age of 12. I helped my dad build a garden shed. It was then I realized I could really build stuff.

D*BP: Where do you live and what do you love most about your home?

W. E : I live in Hancock Park. What I like about my home is the amazing sunlight and views of the whole city. It's very inspirational.

D*BP: Describe your style? How would you define your aesthetic?

W. E : It's forever changing and evolving.
Fluid, sensuous, simple. Less is more type thing. The hardest thing to do is create something very simple, but also the hardest thing to attain. When I design I break it down until it becomes fluid and effortless. It's a long process and something I do all the time when designing.

D*BP: Art and Design-Who are your favorites?

W. E : My art favorites range from Warhol, Richard Avedon, Modigliani, Bacon, Rothko just to name a few. My taste in design is really eclectic. I’m always looking for early millennium pieces and rare vintage IKEA.

D*BP: Ha! OK. Pretty cheeky Will.

D*BP: The furniture you design is quite unique. What inspires you to create?

W. E : Nature is the original designer. I draw inspiration from the things I'm surrounded by, but also from the past and technology.
What I’m working on right now is inspired by fluid melting ice, floating bergs and shattering glaciers in response to the ecological crisis. It's all about nature.

Thanks Will. Looking forward to seeing your new collection.


What Will 800K Get You?

Getty Images / De Agostini Picture Library

An Entire Italian Village. See more here on the Telegraph UK
~via TIME- newsfeed

For Sale...

Pretty fantastic property for Sale designed and built by Robert L. Earl in 1959. Located just over the hill in Encino. See full listing here.

~thanks to Over the Top - the Architectural History of Trousdale Estates, Beverly Hills
~photos via take sunset


April 18, 2011


it's all in the details.

Those Shocking, Shaking Days :: Indo Rock

From Now and Again Records: Those Shocking, Shaking Days: Indonesian Hard Psychedelic, Progressive Rock and Funk 1970-1978. Found via Turntable Lab this Anthology is the result and is a revealing look into the untold story of Indonesia's various underground 70s musical scenes.
The Boston Phoenix Writes: “I know what you’re thinking: Is Those Shocking, Shaking Days: Indonesian Hard, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock and Funk 1970-1978 really as mind-bendingly, earth-shatteringly, consciousness-alteringly awesome as its title would suggest? Abso-fucking-lutely. ”

Check out the Player on Turn Table Lab to hear for yourself.


April 16, 2011

A New Tradition

Nice article on How to Dye Eggs Naturally using onion skins with sprigs of dill, bits of rice, grass or leaves, turmeric, red cabbage, and beets.
Thanks Alicia!

~via Serious Eats -Photo Blake Royer


April 15, 2011

Art in the Streets @ MOCA

Heard this was crazy good opening preview last night:

Art in the Streets
is the first major U.S. museum survey of graffiti and street art. Curated by MOCA Director Jeffrey Deitch and Associate Curators Roger Gastman and Aaron Rose, the exhibition will trace the development of graffiti and street art from the 1970s to the global movement it has become today, concentrating on key cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, and Sao Paulo, where a unique visual language or attitude has evolved.

Check out Arrested Motion and Lipsticktracez to see some great installation photos.

04.17.11 - 08.08.11


1st Dibs Finds

Pair of Dorothy Draper Style Gilt Mirrors, Paul McCobb Leather and Brass Ottomans, Rare Armchair By Jacobsen with Fabric By Stephen Sprouse 1957

April 13, 2011


LOS ANGELES - OHWOW and LEADAPRON are pleased to host the book release and book signing event for Patrick Hoelck's POLAROID HOTEL.

Press, flash, picture. Simple. Then wait. And wait. And wait some more. The anticipation to see what you have captured is a thrill that has been lost with modern technology. In a world full of instant there have been unfortunate casualties. Polaroid instant film was almost one of them. It's not just the nostalgia that makes Polaroids alluring. It's the unpredictability. You never know if you're going to end up with a masterpiece or a disaster but it really doesn't matter, it's yours.

In POLAROID HOTEL, Hoelck pays tribute to the art of Polaroid photography with a book of images that capture intimate moments of his life and career throughout 17 years, showing that just because Polaroid has aged it hasn't lost its appeal.

Patrick Hoelck is an American contemporary photographer and director. This is Hoelck's second publication following his first book Tar, that is now out of print and considered a classic. Hoelck has shot major editorial, fashion and advertising campaigns and recently made his feature film directorial debut with Mercy, winning Best Director and Best Film in the Savannah Film Festival amongst other honors.

April 21, 2011 9-11pm
8445 Melrose Place
Los Angeles


loving the simplicity of this bedside table by e15.


April 11, 2011


I was in Silverlake this weekend with my brother and stopped into dean. next door to Intelligentsia. Spotted these pretty fab leather chairs, ottoman and tables.


April 10, 2011

NY Is Killing Me


April 08, 2011


Untitled By Raif Adelberg from his ‘Fuck I Love You Los Angeles’ exhibition @ HVW8 Art and Design Gallery. I saw this piece in person at American Rag. STUNNING>


April 07, 2011

Tanner Prairie