February 28, 2011

Vivienne Westwood - Do it Yourself!

Do it Yourself, a documentary by Letmiya Sztalryd and Jean-Marie Sztalryd, previewed at Colette.
Finally a portrait of the English queen of fashion that reveals a woman of multiple talents: artist, intellectual, and subversive provocateur of the punk movement in the 70s.

“DIY! Don’t buy my clothes. Well, if you are rich or can afford a stylist, you can get me. But if not, do it yourself. My idea is that you can mix charity, vintage, Portobello Road, pieces of Ikat fabric; wrap it all around yourself, use a handkerchief as knickers, mix safety pins and jewelery. But above all do something! Be optimistic!”

“In these hard times — dress up. There is status in wearing your favorites over and over until they grow old (patina) or fall apart.”~Vivienne Westwood

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