December 10, 2010

Hope Springs Resort

Desert Hot Springs: Hope Springs from Adam Royer on Vimeo.

Curving like a Richard Serra Sculpture, the high entry wall shelters Hope Springs from the parking plaza off Club Circle Drive creating a private garden in front of the lobby.... Three separate pools offer a veritable high, medium, and low temperature natural hot springs therapeutic experience. There is an owner/manager living/ dining area, kitchen, bedroom and bath space off the lobby, plus an additional kitchen for guests. Ten guest rooms, four with their own kitchenettes, set back around the perimeter of the site, wrap the garden courtyard and pools. Hope Springs has been internationally published, and with its steady flow of international guests, should only continue to grow in success and reputation as perhaps the ultimate natural hot springs in the Coachella Valley.
~Crosby Doe Associates Listing

Yesterday was 19 degrees here in New York. After seeing that Hope Springs Resort is still on the market, I'm reminiscing of warm desert nights past. ahhhhhhh.

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