November 09, 2010

Ant Farm 1968-1978

Founded in San Francisco in 1968 by Chip Lord and Doug Michels, Ant Farm was an avant-garde architecture, graphic arts, and environmental design practice. The name was given to them by a friend to whom they had described what they were doing as “underground architecture,” taking the name literally she responded, “oh underground architecture is what ants do!”
Eventually, Lord and Michels were joined by Hudson Marquez and Curtis Schreier.
The group was a self-described "art agency that promotes ideas that have no commercial potential, but which we think are important vehicles of cultural introspection." In addition to their architecture works, the collective was well-known for their counter-cultural performances and media events, such as Media Burn. Their installation, Cadillac Ranch, remains an icon of American popular culture.[2] Ant Farm disbanded in 1978 when a fire destroyed their San Francisco studio. Doug Michels went on to design the unbuilt statue The Spirit of Houston.~wikipedia

Ant Farm 1968-1978 Published by University of California Press
, is a richly illustrated book documenting the radical architecture collective.

Ant Farm, Cadillac Ranch (Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez, Doug Michels), 1974,
Amarillo, Texas
Copyright Ant Farm, 1974, 2004
Photograph Bud Lee


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