September 08, 2010

The World of Hermès

I just checked out the Hermès Paris website for the first time. I've always liked the clean aesthetic of the brand, but I guess it's this weather that inspired me to check it out. Kind of wishing I had one of their yummy blankets now to wrap up in as I sit in this chilly office.
Anyways, I was pretty impressed. I've never been on their website before and I was expecting it to be pretty traditional/conservative, (especially since the brand started in 1837 as a harness shop) but it's not. It's pretty fresh and modern. There's a bunch of videos on there, both beautiful and silly plus a few surprises. Travel the World of Hermès and see for yourself.
note: my birthday is coming up

This just in from T mag... Hermès So-Black collection, a select number of blacked-out and gloss-finished Birkin bags and Kelly clutches — available in leather or crocodile and wrapped in a commemorative black box that is as impeccably chic as the bag. Arrives next week @ Hermès boutiques worldwide.

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