September 27, 2010

Powers of Ten

In 1977, Charles and Ray Eames made a nine-minute film called Powers of Ten that still has the capacity to expand the way we think and view our world.

Powers of Ten Day, 10/10/10, will be a special day of screenings, workshops, and events around the world — not just October 10th, but throughout the month. It is all part of the Eames Office’s commitment to Powers of Ten thinking.

We believe that much of the magic and many of the problems of the world are matters of scale, and yet that we are not really wired to understand the extremes of scale — or even exponential change in general.

We believe that having a deep understanding of scale makes us all better citizens of the world.

We believe that creating ways for people to have hands on experience with scale makes that understanding possible.

We believe that this website can be a powerful tool in achieving that understanding and giving individuals around the world new ways to understand the relative size of things.

Eames Demetrios
Director, Eames Offce
& Scale Exponent


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