September 24, 2010

Loud Flash: The Art of Punk on Paper

Loud Flash: The Art of Punk on Paper opens today thru Oct. 30th, at the Haunch of Venison Gallery in London. Curated by artist Toby Mott, the show exhibits his collection of British punk paraphernalia that includes fanzines, flyers and posters that he started collecting in the 70's as a teenager.

What interests Mott most about his own collection, though, are what he calls "the anonymous artefacts" produced in small numbers by fired-up teenagers. To this end, he has included crudely made Xeroxed fanzines like Sniffin' Glue, Alternative Ulster, Ripped & Torn, London's Burning and the wonderfully named Chelmsford's Dead. "In a way, these are artefacts left over from a dead culture," says Mott, "but they speak more powerfully about what punk was really about, that moment of momentum and self-empowerment. It was not about making a profit or building a fucking brand. It seems odd now that the establishment were so threatened by it, but they were. You can't imagine a pop group today being a threat to the nation. Back then, we thought we were all about the future, but punk really was the last gasp of postwar radical culture."~taken from Sean O'Hagan Interview w/Mott-The Observer

If only I still had all my flyers from my punk days. Memories.


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