September 17, 2010

InCharge Duo

Well, if you have been following Design*ByProxy you know that I had my birthday this week. And last Friday I spoke of finding and getting an amazing vintage piece of clothing as a present to myself. Well, I did go to A Current Affair, Pop Up Vintage Marketplace and I did find myself an AMAZING Bob Mackie gown (check it).
But I didn't get it :(

What I did get was an iPad from my AMAZING husband. YAY!!!!
Now I haven't really used it yet because it's been quite an ordeal so far. I've had to upgrade my OS on the Mac, then iTunes couldn't see my iPhone or the iPad and the WiFi isn't working in any other part of the house other than the office (router problem?). It's been a drag so far, but I'm looking forward to when I can lay in bed and cruise the NY Times online or edit a blog post.

Anyway, I found this online this morning on bless this stuff.
The InCharge Duo is a dual charging dock for iPod, iPhone and iPad. With a 2.1 amp rear dock, you can charge your iPad and iPod/iPhone simultaneously or you can charge any combination of iPod or iPhone. It looks cool and really a must have. It's pretty sloppy to have all 3 of these devices laying around on the desk and this will definitely help clean it up.


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