June 18, 2010

Masseria Cimino

Oh, how I'm loving the details and vibe of Hotel Masseria Cimino in Puglia, Italy. An original farmhouse dating back to the 18th Century turned Boutique hotel, is now surrounded by an 18 hole golf course, olive trees and just meters from the sea.
Tattler has voted it 101 Best Hotels in the World, saying:
Prepare to fall head over heels. Puglia sprang into action from a distinctly supine position about eight years ago and now, looking at the explosion from the outside, it’s impossible to tell one masseria from another. This one is the real find – by far the most authentic and most delightful. It’s an 18th-century farmhouse a breath away from the Adriatic: all fairy lights, scrubbed white walls and small terraces. So simple, so crispy and light. Every fruit and vegetable comes straight from the kitchen garden; the fusilli with olives and tomatoes tastes of sunshine; and, oh, the meatloaf – a recipe from Grandmother Melpignano. At dusk, bag one of the daybeds in the mad tented outside bar and stare out at the gnarled olive trees and the criss-cross hatching of dry stone walls across the fields beyond.
~via style-files

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