June 03, 2010

In the Springs

Seen in Architectural Digest, Architect Michael Haverland designed this house for David Steward and his partner, Pierre Friedrichs in the Springs area of East Hampton's. The plaid-textured walls at the front fa├žade are made from cast-concrete blocks reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright's "textile" concrete blocks. Friedrichs, "a chef by profession" explains how Haverland designed and hand-made the blocks...“It’s a lot like baking a cake...one part this, three parts that—in this case, cement and sand. You add water, mix it, put it in a mold, then shake it to get the bubbles out. Then you let it sit and cure for 24 hours. And then you scoop the foam off, and what’s underneath is the impression, the block.” Haverland adds that some of the sand came from the site and was used to “establish a connection with the land.”
I love the floor to ceiling double french doors that open to the terrace and the
"wetlands"= swamp in the back. Not sure if I would want all those bugs getting in the house.
~Photography by Paul Warchol via Architectural Digest


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