May 24, 2010

Kenny Schachter

It was cool to see my husband's cousin, Kenny Schachter's townhouse in London on last week's episode of 9 by Design on Bravo. My husband Jon usually stays with Kenny and his family when he's in town. I've heard all about his townhouse, but have yet to see it for myself in person. On the show, Kenny saves the day and offers up his home to host a party (that had no venue at the last minute) promoting the release of Sixx Design's new book, "Downtown Chic."

Kenny's home is FILLED with amazing contemporary art and design pieces and was labeled an "advant-garde playground" by the New York Times. I'm sure the 2000 sq. ft. MacDonald's style playground for his four boys had something to do with part of that description.

If you aren't familiar with Kenny, he's a "curator, artist, art dealer, songwriter, designer, thinker, property developer, entrepreneur, and much more. Kenny’s a New Yorker who founded ROVE in 1990, a nomadic gallery/curatorial project. In 2001 he established the gallery ContTEMPorary, designed by Vito Acconci, located first in New York and since 2004 in London’s Kings Cross and Hoxton Square. Amongst a myriad of live projects, Schachter currently has a planning application pending to erect the very first UK built construction by Zaha Hadid. He has also just published a book that reflects a series of conversations between Kenny and Vito Acconci."-Camron

Check out Kenny's ROVE TV and his Blog.

~images via New York Times by Jonathan Player


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