May 13, 2010

Eternal Balloons

I'm not sure if I'll be able to do my Friday's "1st Dibs Finds" post because I will be traveling.
Wanted to leave you with "Helium Eternal Balloons." Handmade by Clementine Henrion at his workshop in Paris.
-"This “illusion” of an helium balloon is entirely made of precious or fancy fabric. There is no helium in this Helium Eternal balloon : it is stuffed with kapok, like a soft pillow. A tiny flap fixed at the top of the balloon helps hanging it to your interior’s ceiling, hook it to a curtain rod, the top of a wall etc. The key thing is to hang it up as high as possible, in order to recreate the magic illusion of a real flying helium balloon! The most beautiful effect is obtained in setting a bunch of several balloons together, forming a “balloons bouquet”.
My little guy would go nutso over these!
~found at Cite NY


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