March 24, 2010

No Skateboarding @ Westweek

My good friend David McCauley and I hit up Westweek at the PDC in LA today. This morning we headed over to listen to Margret Russell editor-in-chief of Elle Decor magazine, Mayer Rus of Los Angeles Times Magazine, Michael Bruno of 1st Dibs and Interior Designer Vicente Wolf give their two cents on Design in the Digital Age. A lot of talk about blogging...which of course I'm interested in. Loved hearing Mayer talk about his drinking and drugging.
Then after hitting up a few showrooms, raiding their buffet tables for lunch h'orderves, we went to another keynote, hearing a little bit more of the same thing: "Design Revolution" and the "New Media Landscape"= more talk on blogging.
Me and David, David Weeks Lighting at Ralph Pucci Showroom, Mattia Biagi's Black Tar Teddy Bear at Twentieth, No Skateboarding, Violators Are Subject to Arrest


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